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Thursday, March 3, 2011

detox day 4

lost of gatoraide and 2 bannanas, i was ffreezing with 3 layers of sweats in 68 f or about 24 walked to the beach, but my feet hurt to bad, i just sat down ended up talking with about 4 people about how good the heroin in tj is, but there is none here. it seems there are alot of former jukies here cause they cant get it, although 3 hours up the road, its a 8usd or so a gram, 45usd in tj. i cant go back there, ever. culican. mexicos 2 murder capitial after juarez got drunk took pills didnt sleep much

sorry if the typing is bad these are mexican keyboards thing work diffrent and im not spell checking cause i dont care
thats it for tonight 4 new posts to cach up. some are 2 days i have a journal ill publish for those days later

detox day 3

i was hungover bad, starving for h2o ran out side to a taco shop to buy a drink. later gateraide, then beer, pacifico. no food.

day 2 of detox on bus

, with 12 hours to go i sucked it up as much as possible got to mazatlan, asked for a cheap room i was told the cheapest hotel was 60usd a nightas carnaval started in 6 days so i rented a shitty room for 500mx a week, about  35usd went to a bad part of town looking to score, after all this is the mexican state where it all comes from, but 20 people tell me coke, meth or weed, there is not heroin in mazatlan, dumb luck. i got drunk with some street guy took some colonipin and smoked pot and passed out

im back sorry ruined my computer, 28 hours on a bus poor and lost

well i guess im about a week behind
i spilt soda on my computer
the next day i took a 28 hour bus ride to mazatlan mexico, i took enough heroin to stay well till i got there
but i hid it, lost 1, dropped the other on the floor by me the military found it, searched me for a whle and let us go. somewhere else they found some coke on the floor by someone, im sure that helped me, just a used bus.the rest of the heroin in my mouth i shot up instantly after that was over, started feeling sick, took a couple imidoa ad 2 colinopin 2mgs and some liquor and passed out till 8 am, my bus left at 3pm the day before.
i guess im missing one more day, the day of the computer i did alot of drugs, like break up sex. i needed it all on more time. i dont remember it.

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