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Thursday, March 3, 2011

im back sorry ruined my computer, 28 hours on a bus poor and lost

well i guess im about a week behind
i spilt soda on my computer
the next day i took a 28 hour bus ride to mazatlan mexico, i took enough heroin to stay well till i got there
but i hid it, lost 1, dropped the other on the floor by me the military found it, searched me for a whle and let us go. somewhere else they found some coke on the floor by someone, im sure that helped me, just a used bus.the rest of the heroin in my mouth i shot up instantly after that was over, started feeling sick, took a couple imidoa ad 2 colinopin 2mgs and some liquor and passed out till 8 am, my bus left at 3pm the day before.
i guess im missing one more day, the day of the computer i did alot of drugs, like break up sex. i needed it all on more time. i dont remember it.

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