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Thursday, March 3, 2011

detox day 4

lost of gatoraide and 2 bannanas, i was ffreezing with 3 layers of sweats in 68 f or about 24 walked to the beach, but my feet hurt to bad, i just sat down ended up talking with about 4 people about how good the heroin in tj is, but there is none here. it seems there are alot of former jukies here cause they cant get it, although 3 hours up the road, its a 8usd or so a gram, 45usd in tj. i cant go back there, ever. culican. mexicos 2 murder capitial after juarez got drunk took pills didnt sleep much

sorry if the typing is bad these are mexican keyboards thing work diffrent and im not spell checking cause i dont care
thats it for tonight 4 new posts to cach up. some are 2 days i have a journal ill publish for those days later


use once an destroy said...

I kicked dope in Mazatlan, that sucked bad. I couldnt find any rhere either. I did go up to Culican to see the Jesus Malverde shrine and was sold good tar right there on the spot. I made that trip by bus once a week from Mazatlan to get my supply.

Good luck brother.http://www.blogger.com/home?pli=1

Anonymous said...

haha those keyboards suck! it took me months to figure out how to make an @ so i could check my email. don't go north looking for the shit, you're doing great!

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