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Monday, February 14, 2011

so far, a horrible day

I woke up sick, went to do y drugs,  and I got too much blood in the heroin, so it just turns into a clot, ruining the drugs.  I start stressing out, because im sick, and need my drugs, its like putting a steak in front of a dog for 5 mins, then taking it away.
So I got upset, and started yelling about how my drugs were ruined, my girl is sick (this tie the throat) again so I could not understand what she was saying, which got me more irritated. She got upset and started crying, that got me more upset.
This continued to escalate until I got more drugs, a 10 min trip, and got them in me.
This is how this drugs make me treat the person I love more that anyone, she was only upset cause I was yelling, I was upset about the drugs, and her crying, and not being able to understand what was happening.
I have to go more later......…

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