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Sunday, February 13, 2011


"Typical addict blaming someone else for your reason to use, and the reason you got addicted. Take responsibility for your addiction, it's 100% your fault that you use and that you are an addict. Until you stop blaming others you will never get clean. Good Luck to you though."
OBVIOUSLY  you have read my blog, where does it say someone else made me do this. I did it myself.
I don't think a doctor saying "you have the key the the candy cabinet, what do you want" hold no responsibility.
And yes I was told that by a doctor.
But before you make comments on who I am or who I blame for my issues, get off your ass ad read the WHOLE blog, maybe even just the titles. This is never something I blamed on someone else.
and just another junkie blaming some else, do you know any junkies, have you ever done drugs,  you have no idea what you are talking about. even if I was blaming everyone else, who cares as long as i get myself together. thats what this blog is about. to teach people who don't know anything about heroin, what it's really like. Second how i plan to detox to hopefully give other some hope that they can do it too.

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jim11776 said...

if your goal is to stay gone until the craving is gone, ya mite be gone a long time. anyways, when were you planning on quitting? i'm into day 2, sic as anything. but i'm not goin back. just like the last time i wasn't goin back. i kicked a year ago. ya mite call me a binge user now. sicker and sicker each time i use. so, hope this is the last time i'm sick.

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