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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fighting an old lady for my life

As some of you know I recently moved, I spent one day cleaning the house, it was cleaner when we left then when I moved. We didn't damage anything out they are saying the walls, the carpet, even pipes outside the house were supposedly damaged by us. On the way there I said with this money we get can we buy me a ticket out of town ASAP, So this greedy old lady screwed us out of that money just enough so i could leave, and stay in a hostel for 1 1/2 weeks. thing keep getting delayed because of things like this. if shit like this didn't happen i would be clean for 30 days, and maybe be working my way home to see the ones i love, for a short time before i leave again to hopeful seal my sobriety for good.
This little old lady has no idea how she has affected my life.
This is what heroin has done to me , to us, our lives, we a scratching for money to do anything. The price some pay to fill their Hummers could save my life. And my experience is those people are the ones who would say I did this to myself, good luck.
But the doctors that got me addicted to the pills, is not part of the problem, still a respected member of society. I am the trash, the fact that I had a deposit that I planned to use to help with get myself together that doesn't matter. I get no credit for wanting to quit, it doesn't matter that people have stolen some of the money we plan to use. That sad thing is I used to make 2 times the amount of money hat has stressed us out.
But despite all this, no old lady is going to ruin my life, in fact im tempted to ruin hers, but instead I will just harass the hell out of her.
I'll write more later tonight, I don't think I have eaten 3 days, I have had a couple donuts, but thats it, so I need to eat.


Anonymous said...

why are landlords so awful about security deposits? bullshit. good luck- hope it comes together soon.

Anonymous said...

typical addict blaming someone else for your reason to use, and the reason you got addicted. Take responsibility for your addiction, it's 100% your fault that you use and that you are an addict. Until you stop blaming others you will never get clean. Good Luck to you though.

Anonymous said...

wow, @"typical": did you eben read the blog. You sound very sure of yourself so I am sure that you are certain that blaming others is what keeps an addict hooked.... and not the fact that the drugs are ADDICTIVE. Maybe if we all stop blaming everyone for everything that's wrong in the world we could focus on ourselves, and fix our own problems, instead of knocking other people for trying to fix theirs.

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