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Monday, February 7, 2011


Honestly they mean a lot to me, when I feel hopeless, to know that someone who knows my story but no t me, have support for me, and wishes the best for me, means more than I can explain.


Anonymous said...

hey honey, my son just came out of jail in seattle, he says there is a tremendous amount of guys in jail on herion, maybe seattle isn't where you should be.
I pray you beat this thing,there are ways to beat it, I beat meth after many years,after losing everything, and now years later my kid I got clean for is using the shit.kills me.. anyhow good luck

joey blow said...

I lived in Seattle for 10 years, I got addicted to pain pills there, but those doctors are gone, ALL my connections are gone, anyone I got opiates from, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIND THEM. and i will not look for them, i also have a bunch of friends there, who knew me then, and now, they have grown up, and know what I have been thru, and if they saw the signs, they would kick my ass if they saw me going that way, even once.
I never did heroin in Seattle, and don't know where to get it. I also have job connections. I also kicked a meth habit 20 years ago, I was shooting it up for almost a year, and I moved to Seattle, by the time I found it again, I was over it.
But I'm not going there until it is out of my body and mind here. I want to return to Seattle, because, it's
where my best friends are, i have job connections, i love the outdoors, and all the stuff to do outside, not drugs. after this is gone, this desire, i wont take pain meds for a broken bone if i don't have to

NoMoreTrouble said...

I can't stand to see people suffering from drug addiction. You have my full support in your quest to stay clean and sober. You are among some of the strongest people on earth... Many have no idea how hard it is to live (and survive) with drug addiction... Be careful with your supplemental drug use. I would hate to see you go back on meth but I respect your decision to do what you need to get through the day.

I have started a blog chronicling my own drug addiction and offering reflections of my life for other addicts to (hopefully) find comfort in. I'm linking you to my blog, feel free to add mine if you feel like it.

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