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Monday, January 31, 2011


I have done a little research, and while this is likely not the best idea for most people, it seems to help for me. Meth works in your brain like heroin, in theory keeping you from withdrawals, but it doesn't do that, i keep you awake, as we have ben moving w/my fiance sick I have done most everything, and though we are not done, we are 1 truckload away! but seeing as i have had to pack a house alone load and unload a truck, alone, I got some meth. at first it seemed like i was doing more, but in reality i was doing the heroin every time i started to get sick, since i wasn't sleeping, every 6 or so hours, i did some.
But since i was up, and working for 3 days, i slept 27 hours straight, obviously I woke up sick and did a little, but less than normal, Im thinking if i drug myself to sleep in a couple hours, I will be closing in on 48 hours with 1 dose, that would mean i need 1 a day, $2.20 USD, thats pretty low, so thats my plan for now, as i want to get as low as possible before i leave.


Ali said...

If you replace it with meth, one ofthe dirtiest drugs out there, you are just replacing your heroin addiction with it. I commend you for being so honest and trying everything yo ucan think of, but this isnt the answer. This could be so much worse

Anonymous said...

Then, when your heroin addiction is conquered, what's your strategy to get off the meth? Coke? Then coke is done, what do you use to get off of coke?

I applaud your efforts but, I don't think you're going the right way.

Anonymous said...

Are you not done with this ? Go to Seattle today. NOW, asap...please??

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