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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We have been moving, my fiance has been sick so I have done almost everything, with limited time, I got some meth, stayed up, and moved 90% of the house, I slept over a day, that is over 1 day without heroin, I was very sick when I woke up, but the fact that I was sick meant I was in detox.
Which is an important part of lowering my dosage.
This is NOT a regular thing, I don't like coke, so I wont be doing that.
This was only an observation on my part, I still think it helped. I DO NOT THINK THIS IS RIGHT FOR EVERYONE. AND I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE!
16 YEARS AGO I WAS ADDICTED TO METH, I quit cold turkey, and never looked back, it is not a drug I enjoy, the reason I was addicted was I did it when I woke up, and took pills to sleep. But that never worked so I would get 1 hour of sleep before work so I did it again, it was a vicious circle.
I dint enjoy it, I got stuck in a cycle.
Like I said this is a drug I do not enjoy, I will not be replacing heroin with another drug unless IT'S a non opiate prescribed by a DR.

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