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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DAY 12

Finally the last day of moving, we are almost done, then I can start being sick, and staying in bed.
I have had too much to do, but still managed to lower my dose 33%. and I couldn't have done it without meth, or the lack of sleep caused by meth, which let me sleep over 24 hours. As I said before I woke up sick, but if I could do that every day I would be off in a week.
I have such a high tolerance with sleeping pills, they usually don't even put me to sleep.
Tylenol PM worked the best, but that doesn't even work anymore. Maybe forcing myself to stay up will help.
(as i will not be doing meth daily)
Before I leave for my big detox/cold turkey, I might do it one more time, to get as low as possible.
 Im at about $4USD a day now, so little it seems like it should be easy to quit, I wish, it is just as hard as a $200 habit.
The place where I get my drugs, I drove past last night to get some, and there was a dead body out front. I don't know if he was hit by a car killed himself, just died, or was killed, but it makes me a little nervous to go there. sadly that doesn't mean i wont go, i have to. until i leave this town i'm hooked.

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