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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 6 wish list or any help

When I started this blog, I saw something for a wish list, which I cannot find now.
But I was going to see if i could put gift cards for hostels, restaurants, food, bus tickets in Mexico (southern) you can buy bus tickets that you can get off at any stop, and get back on, and they don't expire, i would want to do that as i need to stay months. plane tickets,(sometimes they are cheaper than a bus, last week TJ to Mazatlan was $32usd after taxes, now its $150) or have someone pay for how ever many nights that wanted to stay at a hostel $10-20 a day, (I WILL STAY AT THE CHEAPEST PLACE IN ANY TOWN ) but the biggest hostel, hosteling international doesn't have gift card, and will not take 3rd party payments, and i know better that to even ask for cash.
But if anyone has any ideas, or churches that I could sleep in a closet for a night, anything let me know please. I WILL WORK FOR A PLACE OR FOOD OR WHATEVER.
AGAIN THIS IS THE 1ST AND LAST TIME I WILL POST A POST LIKE THIS, this blog is not about getting things free, it about my story of kicking this habit, and HOPEFULLY helping others before they get this far down the road I'm on. But again your comments advice, everything has been a great help to me too, something I never expected.
I knew writing about what I'm going thru would be therapeutic, but the comments are helpful too so Please keep them coming.
P.S no listings for food banks, or homeless shelters, there are millions of Mexicans way worse off that me, maybe they don't have an addiction, but they have kids, no, or low paying job, maybe no home, or a shack, I will not do anything to take away any help for them, I can eat peanut butter everyday, and sleep in the jungle.
The only option I can think of is sending money to my fiances pay pal and as I have told her if a hostel if $80 a week, she can call the hostel, by looking the # up online and confirming the price, transferring the money to my account, and then confirming I am really there, if im not she will cut me off the whole trip.
For the record, she does NO drugs, and has no habits. I know that might be hard to confirm online, I can send pics of my arms, and hers.
Other than that, maybe a video of her passing a drug test?
BUT IF YOU CLICK ON THE AD BELOW, I MIGHT GET A PENNY PER cLICK, ENOUGH CLICKS MIGHT SUPPORT ME, BUT EACH CLICK HAS TO COME FROM A DIFFERENT COMPUTER. BUT AGAIN THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY, the only reason I am doing this is my girl got sick and has not been able to work, prices went up, so now we are looking at feb 15 for the soonest i can go, i want to go this weekend. you can send money via pay pal, thru www.chipin.com (www.chipin.com protects her identity), witch is also pay pal, you don't have to sign up for anything new, your papal account it connected to this site already
NO MORE MONEY TALK I SWEAR! I will not bring it up again, period.

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Anonymous said...

I've been reading your Blog from day one and have left you a comment and you seem to be losing focus on your goal (To get clean) and now you are asking for money. The real shocker is the Paypal account name (chipin) that is a term for someone thaat is using on the side, I don't see you making plans to succeed I see you planning to fail or scam people out of money (God I hope I'm wrong) If you want to get clean and sober your focus must be there and not on Money, Girlfriend. I do hope you get the help you need. I will continue to follow your recovery in hopes all works out


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