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Saturday, January 29, 2011


This is a list of drugs I am thinking of taking with me t combat the effects of my heroin withdrawal. I=If you have any experience, or knowledge of using the drug in this manner, PLEASE let me know!
Kolinipin 2mg-have them already, good for muscle craps, sleep, general mood.
Clonidine, blood pressure med, also for motion sickness I THINK, but realy good leg pains, and during withdraw your blood pressure drops.
Imodium AD, Anti-diahara med. opiate base, cant not get high on, but less all side effects, and the runs!
Tramadol. mane made opiate, made to to not be addictive, some say it is, I don't like it, would use like aspirin.
And suggestions on Vitamins?
I have a couple in mInd, just not the mind I'm currently using.
Please you can bitch at me for anything but don't say I am running from the reality I created, I know there is nothing (under $15,000-$30,000) to give me no withdraws, I will drink beer, and try to stay in a relaxing environment, maybe the middle oh know where alone.
But I, am looking to lessen the symptoms, right now I have between a $5-$8.5 USD a day habit, I'm trying to gee lower before I eave, I feel stuck though, I have done this before at this dose, I don't know why, it's very hard dose to kick.

Many years ago I had an X-Girlfriend I moved cross country with, we were together 3 years, but remained friend. One day she called me, and told me she was addicted to heroin and dint know what to do.
I(if you have been reading my blog you'll know i sold pills for man years)
I told he I would detox her, at my house.
I went to a hospital in a major city with a notorious heroin problem, turned in her, spoons, needles, candles, lighters, all those old wrappers/baloons, and cottons you keep cause you think if you save enough its like 1"HIGH FREE1" IT NEVER IS, I GAVE IT AL TO A DR. TO DESTROY AND EXPLAINED M. SITUATION, I TOLD HIM I WAS GOOING TO KEEP A CHART FOR HER, IN ORDER TO TO LET HER CEAT ME, OR OD HER, I WAS GOING TO GIVE HER 100MG OF VALIUM A DAY, 4 TYLENOL PM, some (i don't remember how much) Phenegren, an opiate enhancer, better know as something for motion sickness, and imodium AD, contains ONLY an opiate you cant get high on, ad works for the runs.
I kept he in the sun room, to try to keep her warm. Given THIS WA MY X, I still, and still do love her, but I'm sure there was some getting even mixed it.
For the 1st 3 days, she got her meds, but then I gave her less, so she would suffer, ad remember what it like, she was sick for 2 weeks, bad, looking back I eel bad.
I have detoxed a couple times, it's never that bad for me, unless it's from oxycontin.
That was the last time she did heroin for about 10 years, she relapsed 1 night but thats it.
ANYWAY told the DR. I was going to do this, and give her these drugs, and he said I cant advise someone drugs to give someone I have never seen. BUT if she was here we wold give her pretty much the same thing.
You hear about those rich bastards getting a 4 hour detox for $30,000USD and a month later they are back. But I'm wondering, but don't thing its related to pain.
Yes, as kids we get spanked for being bad, as addicts we are immature.
but i think it come down to you, what you want, while i hate heroin, and want all this over with
I still want it, I still like needles in my veins, THAT IS WHAT I HAVE TO GET AWAY FROM, that is what I have to get out of my head.
Pain, it only makes we makes something to stop the pain, why not skip that part?


Anonymous said...

suboxone will work, trust me.
it can be easy to get if you play the part.
but be carefull you can get addicted to that as well.

Anonymous said...

Heal up and stop. People love you. It is time to be a better person and love yourself for once.I gave up drugs and so can you. Do it for you!!!

Joe Blow said...

suboxone didn't work or me and it was close to $600 I don't have that, and it is still a drug that just prolong the eventual pain

Anonymous said...

i have been on suboxone for 6 months and my life has changed drastically. i was on heroin for about 2 years and i`m only 21. my daughter was suffering due to my adiction. i pay 100 USD a month for 90 suboxone. it`s the best decision i`ve ever made. you should look into it.

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