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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I will work for bus ticket, hostel rooms in s. California

This week I can work in Tijuana, San Diego, if you put gas in my car, Imperial Vally, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside.
I can come do whatever work you need, for a bus ticket or plane ticket, both are about $150
I will also work for room, you can pay me, and I will book and pay for a room for a week or longer in front of you, so I will not have any cash for drugs, but MY fiance is sick, os with med and DR's bills we cant afford to do this until FEB 15th, but I am ready I want to go now.
If anyone has any work please contact me, Leave a # and I will contact you.

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Michael said...

Can't do anything for you except say "never quit" etc. This is incredibly interesting and I wish you success.

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